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Why ?

Because we are a specialized team on oath in our work and we are legally recognized for registering copyright, but also in the storage of all your creative work.

What’s the legal value of a creative work deposit by

Our deposit system of creative work has already proved its efficiency to many clients who had to appeal to justice. Each trial has been won thanks to a deposit, reliable and efficient. provides a certain date and an authentification by a bailiff deposit which allows to prove the anteriority and the belonging of the creative work. 

What files can I register?

Any file. Hint: If your files are too large, compress them in a same file .zip, .rar, or .PDF.

Useful  :
, ,

Is there a maximum size for a deposit? NO.

Depending on your needs, we register and store any file, even if it's more convenient to limit the size of your deposit for the web transfers.

Does the deposit prevent from counterfeiting your creative work? NO.

None deposit prevent from counterfeiting. But, the bailiff deposit is a real legal proof that can prove the anteriority of your creative work (thanks to a certain date). It's essential to register any creative work if you wish to sue a counterfeiter. However, the deposit proves the copyright deposit efficiency can be limited by the fact a deposit registration helps to prove a design/creative work paternity, but the right exists by the work existence itself. The deposit receipt helps proving, but does not provides the right that already exists for an original work. Timestamp witnesses your copyright and makes the link irrefutable between author, work and certain date.

Is my deposit valid abroad? Yes

According to the Bern Convention in 163 countries, the value of a deposit in one of these countries is automatically extended to the other 162 countries.

Do I have to pay yearly to guarantee the validity of my deposit? NO.

You pay just once the deposit of your creative work and you get a lifetime protection (+70 years after the author death). The data storage at our bailiff is limited to 30 years because of the 30 years regulation that is said the maximum legal duration of storage by a bailiff is 30 years. At a notary, the dutation is naturally longer.

Can I modify a deposit content after registration? No.

A deposit provides a proof of anteriority sealed on your creative work by a certain date and a bailiff deposit on your file to register. That is what makes efficient and credible.

Why are our rates so low (9.90€) whereas bailiff or a notary deposit costs 20 times as expensive ?

the digital deposit to our bailiff is mutualized between all our clients. The cost is shared. The digital deposit is reliable and checked by our bailiff who receives simultaneously the deposits registered on our websites and validates legally your creative works. The electronic timestamp provides you an anteriority proof with a certain date and a bailiff stamp that allows you to use your deposits as a property proof (no industrial) before the court.

How to make a declaration of originality?

Such declaration of originality allows you to build a complete file on your creative work, containing your original work and an explanatory which justifies the common knowledge at the registering time and what the competitors are doing in the similar fields. That finally makes your deposit strong and allows to prove, during registration, the originality of your creative work.

Especially for your website.

What do I have to do if my website is counterfeited?

1. First of all, check if it's real copy (and not a simple resumption of some elements that can look like to your creative work) before appealing to justice for counterfeiting.

2. Then, the copy has to be a published document and that everyone can access: these are the main requirements to claim to be subjected to real harms.

3. If the copy is actually a published document that everyone can access, you can start a legal action.

4.Send a registered mail to the counterfeiter, the mail must state that the counterfeiter is using private/protected/copyrighted data and must stop immediately the spreading of this information/content; if he refuses, you will have to appeal to justice.

5. If these requirements are gathered, you can contact us, we will inform you on the way to follow.

Is it necessary to register for each upgrade of your creative work? YES.

For an optimal protection, it's better to register each upgrade. In fact, the deposit provides a certain date and then an anteriority proof, but it doesn't protect data added later.

Hint : If your website needs to be update steadily, choose the PREMIUM Plan allowing large number of updates.

How to know if my plan fits my needs ?

If your website needs few or no updates, choose the BASIC plan.

If your website needs yearly changes (catalog changes, new products...), choose the EVOLUTION plan.

If your website needs many updates (for instance dynamic content), choose the PREMIUM plan.

Go to your account in order to register your updates

• Can we sue someone who uses my copyrighted data (text, picture, creative content) data reachable on my website, in order to use them for the benefit of himself ? YES

Anyone who uses your creative work, your database or your image without any authorization, without your knowledge, your agreement or in case of information theft, can be sued, in these cases, please contact us for more information. 

• Do I have to register my whole website to be protected ? NO

We advise to register and protect only which is necessary: the more important the file is, the longer the transfer will be on our servers.

Hint : if the whole content of your website is large, send us your website on CD-ROM by registered mail.

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OfficeCopyright is independant of any National Intellectual Property Office, US copyright office and from Wipo (World Intellectual Property Organization). Our website allows users to have an anteriority proof for their copyrights. Registering at OfficeCopyright doesn't substitute for some deposits at national and international institutes to deliver property acts like brands or patents. Registering a copyright at OfficeCopyright allows you to bring a substantial proof of anteriority on your creative work in case of conflict.